Completed Listings for 10/1

Fall is here and the best games are coming out in about a month or so. People’s game spending have also skyrocketed compared to one of the slowest summers in eBay’s history. Here’s what sold recently that me and you have missed..

NES collection – Sold for $10,000

BANGAI-O Prized Edition (JP) by Sega – Sold at auction for $811

a set of two Calling Cards were sent to the winners, by Dreamcast/Treasure & the
game designer. The 1st card was given out to contest participants & is a Tokyo Game Show Autumn ’99
card. The 2nd one has a colorful and vivid N64 Bangaioo & friends toon PIC (front) and a very special
Dreamcast Bangai-Oh game Art & Logo imprint design; autographed by “HISASHI FUJITA”

After Burner Arcade Unit – Sold for $2,600 Remember this arcade from Sega? I burned a lot of quarters on this one.

Cotton for TurboGrafx – Sold for $525, Dynastic Hero for $523, and Beyond Shadowgate for $413

Myster House Adventure for the Apple II – Sold for $522

Elder Scrolls Arena sealed DOS game – Sold for $336

Ar Tonelico Limited Edition for PS2 – Sold for $329

Ultima 1 Floppy game – Sold for $500

Hagane: The Final Conflict Sealed for the SNES – Sold for $2,000

Duk Nukem 64 sealed – Sold for $430

Lot of Black NES Boxes – Sold for $575

Call of Duty Black Ops signed by staff – Sold for $500





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