Massive Sega Game Gear Collection

Roughly two thirds of the complete collection plus doubles. Still seems kinda pricey to me though at roughly $4.00 each, even considering the amount of complete and sealed games.



Sega Genesis DS-16 Store Kiosk / Demo System – This has been in the sellers store for quite some time at the BIN and is about to expire – good item to make an offer on.

Vinyl Primal Rage Poster – Overpriced

Black Cloud Final Fantasy PS3 – You’ve probably already seen these, but they’re starting to hit eBay in higher numbers.

Custom Nintendo Tattoo Machine Power Supply – No comment.

Namco Tekken 6 XBOX 360 Faceplate – Ended. Does anyone collect Faceplates? I know you collectors are out there and spending big coin, but I’ve yet to see a nice collection picture.


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