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Metal Gear Solid Wine

A strange as this may seem, this item is probably one of the holy grails amongst Metal Gear Solid collectors. This ultra rare bottle of wine (Andiera Cabernet Sauvignon if it matters to you) is almost impossible to find and highly sought out.

It was originally produced after the PS1 release and only given to the game’s designers and business partners. The story behind this specific bottle is pretty neat, as the auction states:

Luckily for me, I lived in Japan for a number of years and taught English part-time and one of my students happened to be one of the game’s designers! He received the wine at the game’s launch party and, since he did not drink, gave it to me as a Christmas present that year!

The opening bid of $244.99 is not unreasonable, and apparently they have changed hands for over $500.00 previously.



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