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Gears of War custom Xbox 360!

Check this professionally made Gears of War Custom xbox 360:

It has a clear black smoke case with the Cog Snub Pistol split and incased on one side. Red paint and dyes portray blood underneath the pistol. The other side with all art / design /graphic artist signatures.

Console Concepts along with NAS made the journey to Epic Games after construction of this box to introduce the box and full custom suits of the charactors of Gears of War to the art and design team. … There is only one (1/1) of these cases in exsistance and we have decided to aution it off and provide the proceeds to the TOYS FOR TOTS Foundation here in Atlanta…”

Let’s move on!

1989 Topps Nintendo Original Reverse Side Card Art

Direct from Topps’ legendary vault, this is the actual color art used in the creative process of this 1989 Topps release. In order to create the reverse side cartoon image, an overlay containing the B&W outline is placed over this mini art board. The overlay is missing and is not included with this lot
I’d say Zelda related!

Other stuff:


Demonstration Cartridge Intellivision Green version New


This is a renamed World Series Major League Baseball and is extremely hard to find. I have not seen one for sale on Ebay for about a year. Intellivision sold this version when they dropped the Major League Baseball License and just before Mattel sold the Intellivision division. My own experience with this game is that it has been harder to find than the famed Spiker for Intellivision.

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Apple Pippin DEV unit

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