More Playstation Museum Auctions

Playstation Museum has a bunch of stuff up again, the highlights being these longboxes. I don’t think anyone is going to pony up the asking price, but they are cool nonetheless.

[phpbay keywords=”longbox” num=”6″ siteid=”1″ sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” sellerid=”psmuseum” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ paging=”true”]


Sealed Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes For Nintendo GameCube
Vintage Nintendo Mario Bros My Play A Tune Book from 1989 Sealed
Vintage 1980 Pac-Man Bubble Gum / Cards
Japanese Nintendo Game Cube Orange Console – Non working, but possibly a cheap case.
Signed Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie Poster – Poster was signed at Microsoft Store in Los Angeles. Signed by 30 of the Dev team responsible for developing the Zombies part of the game. Double sided poster, one side shows the Black Ops 2 key art, one side shows the Zombies key art.
The Best Colecovision Starter Lot I Have Seen On eBay
Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Brand New in Box
Turok: Rage Wars Gray Cart – Rare variant.
Starfox 2 Preburnt EPROM
Starfox Overclocked Preburnt EPEROM
Retail beta disc for Guilty Gear Isuka for the Sony Playstation 2
Sierra On-line Systems – ScreenWriter II
Disney Oswald Epic Mickey 2 Sketch Autographed by Jason Peltz


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