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World`s Ugliest Mario Plush

flatuswalrus has a bunch of sweet stuff ending today. While this Mario Plush may not be your cup of tea, there`s more to be had of a bit higher quailty. Highlights are the AUS SNES Bundles and a ton of Video Game Board Games.

SNES Donkey Kong 2 Packin Console
SNES Mario All Stars Packin Console
SNES Street Fighter II Packin Console
SNES Nigel Manson Packin Console
Earthworm Jim Action Figures

For board games, you`ve got the classic:

Donkey Kong
& not one, but Three Pac Man Board Games

If you`re a Sega Master System Collector, it`s worth a look as well since he just listed 150 CIB games starting at $1.00.


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