NES Casino Kid 2 Review

I’ve got two friends that are fairly deep on a complete NES collection, and I just traded a copy of Casino Kid 2 to one of them (CIB). The game itself is a semi rarity, NA giving it a 6/10 for the cart and 7/10 for both the box and manual.

It’s one of those random rarities that fetch $30-$40 loose, yet occasionally sell for not much more CIB. Case in point a box only sold recently for $30 and a manual for $10.

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It’s a crappy game to be honest. It follows up from the first in the series, where after having defeated the top players in Las Vegas, you are issued a challenge by the top gamblers around the world. Through gruelling roulette, poker and blankjack matches, you eventually find and face the ringleader. The story is more refined, and the focus is on the gambling, not wandering around the casino like the first.

There is a world map that lists the different people you have to challenge. They’re ranked in order of difficulty from one to three chips and once you beat a character they’re crossed off the map and you move on. 

As for gameplay, it reminds me of a crappy video poker / slot machine, expect there’s no more on the line. Poker is the best, while Blackjack feels incredibly rigged. Hit, bust. Hit, bust. Roulette is fun, but it’s Roulette. Confusing as hell if you’ve never played and usually a losing proposition.

All in all not a bad game, but when it comes to Poker, Blackjack and Roulette I would rather hit a real casino and gamble, or if I was desperate download some real online casino software.

Here’s some footage:

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