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NES Nintendo Midines Cartridge

Midines is a hardware / cartridge interface (game) that enables MIDI control of the 8bit NES sound chip. It also includes NesFX, a retro graphic visualization that is seeded by the incoming MIDI sound data.

The latest version features 256 samples (accessible in two keyboard banks) featuring TR707,TR808,TR909,LINN,Amen+other breaks, stabs, and essential chip battlz.

I have no idea what much of that means, except that you can make a lot of sounds with it and it looks pretty.

Auction here. These normally fetch around $200.00 or so.

However you can also buy them from the creator for around $110.00. I guess the reason they fetch so much on the secondary market is that shipping time from the source can be up to three months.


Atari 2600 Cuttle Cart 1 with Manual & Stella CD – Released in 2001, the Cuttle Cart was created by Chad Schell and allows you to load ROMs (retail, homebrew, tech demos, etc.) to the system via audio jack. Only 204 of these were ever made.

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Thanks Valentyne!

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Killzone 3 Countdown ClockThanks Brett!

Tactics Ogre Promo Tarot Cards

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