Nintendo Love Tester.. Repro

Back in the old days of Nintendo, they were making toys that were on the weird side (weird today, awesome then). Aside from playing cards, the Love Tester is one of these toys and they came out around 1969. These toys are probably very hard to find now in Japan but luckily, someone out there made a reproduction of the Love Tester. It’s basically the same thing, same box, same toy, they even made the same pouch. Sometimes these reproductions can be mistaken as the real thing. One thing I noticed though is that the pouch looks slightly different from the original. These reproductions cost $55 + $26 to ship (yikes). If you can’t shell out the dough for the real thing, maybe the repro is not so bad after all..

The Nintendo Love Tester features:

  • Gadget based on original 1969 Nintendo Love Tester
  • Weight: 10g
  • Power: AA batteries x1 (not included)
  • Accessories: carrying case
  • Instructions: Japanese only

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