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Okami Teacups Set

There’s very few Okami related items out there. It is one of the best games for the Ps2/Wii in recent time. It does have a strong cult following but I guess Capcom does not want to capitalize on that. At least we’re getting Okamiden for the DS.

Anyways, has these nice looking teacup set for $68.90.

The e-Capcom exclusive Okami Teacup Set ships in a wooden box and two heat-sensitive cups are included. The first cup features a flaming image of Amaterasu whilst the second cup is imprinted with an illustration of Chibiterasu from Okamiden and a little girl named Kuni astride her back. To reveal these images, a liquid that’s warmer than 40ËšC or 104ËšF must be poured into the cup to trigger the heat-sensitive paint on the cup. “

Product Specifications

  • Wooden giftbox contains set of 2 teacups
  • Teacup size: Height approximately 9cm (3.54″)Â / Diameter approximately 6.2cm (2.44″)
  • Box size: Width approximately 15cm (5.91″)Â / Height approximately 7.2cm (2.83″)
  • Temperature trigger: Approximately 40ËšC or 104ËšF

Product Page

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