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Super Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros. Board Games

Epoch, toy makers in Japan, recently unveiled two new board games at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show in Japan.

One of them is Super Mario Kart where players of upto 2 control a little ball/marble and go through a series of obstacles throughout the board. Mario Kart sound effects are probably optional.. The New Super Mario Bros. game lets you control the board using a joystick. It’s sort of like a tilt and tumble game but you control the ball through a maze and get to the castle where you’ll move onto the next stage or maze. Eventually you’ll reach the top and rescue Princess Peach.

I could see these two board games being imported here in the U.S. and maybe in Europe as well since these are not very complex games. The other Mario board games in the past involves cards but reading the text could be problematic since all of them are in Kanji. Hit the link below to see both games in action.

via Akihabara News


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