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Original Sega Genesis Game Speakers

I just think these things are awesome! Â I had a pair of KOSS brand speakers that looked identical to these that weren’t too bad back then.

Between December 26, 1990 and February 28 1991, Sega did a promotion where Genesis owners could send in UPC codes from any three games of an exclusive Sega list, along with a mail-in certificate that you had to call and get directly from Sega. They would then send you these amplified speakers for free.

They feature individual volume, DX Bass Boost and Treble Boost controls on each speaker and run on four C batteries or a 6V AC adapter.

Auction here


Free Speaker Mail-In Certificate – Sega Genesis – Here’s the mail-in!
SEGA CD MODEL 1 COMPLETE RAREÂ – I’ve always liked the ‘vintage stereo’ look of this version.
Vintage Game console & T.V all in one – This is the SHARP 19SV111. Combination NES/Sharp TV. Shipping is a little out there, but it’s a lower cost and may not be as high visibility because it does not specify the model.
Punch Out Gold Famicom Nintendo Japan Good.Cond – CIB
Punch out gold cartridge Japan Famicom – Loose
RARE OOP Hot Slots for NESÂ – Loose, working, non-rental
Lot of three Nintendo DS Download Station Volume 1 2 3
FM Towns MARTY Fujitsu Game System with Splatterhouse – Not as rare, but a fair price for CIB


Written by Bill

Retro-videogame enthusiast and all-around nerd.

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