New Site Layout!

As promised for some time, I am proud to present the new site layout and logo!
All the staff is very pleased aesthetically, and we’ve had mostly positive comments from the few users who have seen it in our testing. Even more importantly, the site *should* load better / quicker and remove some errors people were having when viewing the site in IE.

I am going to miss the random collection header image however, and will probably add it into the sidebar eventually.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Also, the header above (currently featuring the Air Raid auction) is basically to highlight the real crazy stuff so it doesn’t get pushed off the front page immediately. There will be four or five featured article up there, or maybe less if they become stale. As you can see there is a little issue with the post images (duplicate) on the front page, but that will be straitened out later today.

Next comes the overhaul of the forum, then the very outdated search tools.


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