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Earthworm Jim Mobile!


 Behold, the Earthworm Jim (2) Mobile(Sold: $112.50) This is one franchise I would love to see come back strong…it has had new releases scheduled and then dropped quite frequently, though I believe that a new game is scheduled for Nintendo’s DSiWare, though I don’t think they’ve even pinned a date for it yet. I always appreciated the random humor thrown here and there in the game, and what better hero could there be out there than a worm?Â

Earthworm Jim Promo VHS Tape (Sealed) (Sold: $3:81)
Earthworm Jim Action FiguresÂ
Earthworm Jim Mail Away Figure
-1996 Playmates Catalog: Supposedly has some unreleased Earthworm Jim action figures shown inside
Earthworm Jim Stickers

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