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Pet Peeving, Autographs and a Dolphin

 Obesity is an epidemic. More troublesome to me is the degradation of the English language, be it verbal or written. Now, don’t get me wrong; I make plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes all the time, but I feel that is forgivable as long as I’m making the effort to correct myself. All you have to do is take 30 seconds to read through what you’ve written! Sorry about the tiny rant, I just felt that I had to get that off my chest!Â
 On an unrelated note, here is a copy of “Bird vs. Jorden” for the NES that was autographed by “larry bird”.

Nintendo Dixie Cups: Feeling adventurous? Buy these and actually use them!
Legend of Zelda Golden Book on Tape (Sealed)
Nintendo Power Controller Overlay (Sealed): Don’t let the pic fool you, this will be sent sealed in the original
N64 era Book Covers (Sealed): I know text books are becoming obsolete, but maybe you can slap one of these around your iPad or Nook.
Nintendo Water Game Toys (Sealed)
Nintendo Dolphin Dev Kit: The Paperwork in this auction is very enticing!Â


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