Pit Fighter art, NWC, Atari 5200 engineering pilot controller, Pitfall proto

A good day!

Pit Fighter original concept artworks

Original OOAKs from the producer Gary Stark.

Nintendo World Championship 1990 Grey cart

Label peeled off, but it’s official.

Atari 5200 Engineering Pilot Controller

pre-production engineering “pilot” version of the analog controller for the Atari 5200. However, at the time this limited run was being put together, there were holdovers from the earliest version of the console, which originally had the working title of “Atari Video System X”

Arcade for drunk people in the 60s-70s

Ok, it’s not a videogame, but I’ve found it quite funny.

Other stuff:
Primal Rage and Darxide 32X pal
Bungie Autographed Halo Master Chief Statue
Cheap promo 2600

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Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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