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Portable NeoGeo MVS System and a Super Weekend

Wednesday Quickies:

NeoGeo MVS Portable System – Bid while you still can, snipe if you will with 11 hours to go and $305 so far with 9 bids. This system is created by none other than Ben Heck. It’s pretty much the only one of its kind.

One of a kind portable(hand-held) Neo Geo MVS System…Max 330 Mega Pro-Gear Spec. Only a handful were ever assembled. Unit comes with 3v Backup Battery, 7.5v DC Connector and TWO(2) MVS games included……Neo Turf Masters & World Heroes 2 Jet.

SOLD for $560

Star Fox Super Weekend – Starting bid is a bit high. 5 days left. Really bad image too..


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