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Portal Underground Poster Kit

Portal 2 is without a doubt a great game although it sucks for most people who purchased it and the game goes down in price by $20 a week after it’s release. It makes you think this $60 bullshit price is even sustainable. This poster kit from ThinkGeek are certainly unique in it’s own way. I can only imagine someone sitting at Dentist office looking at these and go HUH?! Dub-A-U-Tee-F! These posters are pretty cheap, only $15 (+s/h+tax if applicable).

Product Specifications

  • Set of four posters from the video game Portal 2
  • Hang them up anywhere you need more SCIENCE
  • Includes:
    • 1980s Boss Robot (18” x 24”)
    • 1940s Aperture Signs (24” x 36”)
    • 1970s Mannequin (18” x 24”)
    • 1980s Four Office (18” x 24”)

Link to product page

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