Kid Icarus E3 AR Cards

Fans of Kid Icarus have long been waiting for another game from the series. Their prayers were answered when Nintendo announced a new Kid Icarus game was headed for their new handheld. These Augmented Reality (AR) cards are used to battle each other on the upcoming game Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. A lot of these cards have hit eBay and one recent auction ended at $100. It’s quite a while for the game to come out and you’re only able to use these cards if you have the game and a 3DS. But I guess you can’t stop hardcore fans for grabbing these 6 months before the game comes out.

It isn’t clear whether these cards are exclusive just for E3 attendees or the game comes with it in December. There’s quite a few of them on eBay right now if any of you readers are interested.



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