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Recalled Tiger Woods ’99 for Playstation

I knew about this game for a while but actually forgotten about it until I came across a sealed listing on eBay. To better explain this, here’s an IGN article:

PlayStation version of EA golf game includes profanity-laden South Park AVI.
January 15, 1999
Due to the unauthorized inclusion of a South Park AVI on the PlayStation version of EA’s Tiger Woods 99 game, Electronic Arts is recalling the title, yanking it off the shelves and apologizing to everyone involved.Apparently, someone at EA sneaked ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ AVI onto the Tiger Woods CD. While not accessible via the PlayStation, it can be found if you put the PSX disc in a PC. EA describes this process: “Viewing the material requires that a person place the PlayStation disc into the CD drive of a PC, at which point a sophisticated computer user can locate the normally inaccessible file.”

EA describes the content of the AVI as “objectionable to consumers.” The AVI is a profanity-laden tirade made before the South Park property was picked up by Comedy Central; basically an uncensored version of one of the later shows.

There is no South Park AVI on the PC version.

–IGN Staff

Here’s a YouTube video of the disc

The seller claims that this is one of those recalled units (he’s got a short story to tell).

The main issue here is that reprints don’t normally differ from those that were original printed in the first place. For instance, if you take a game like Tales of the Abyss for the Playstation 2, you wouldn’t know you have a reprint unless you have the no-memory card slot PS2 case they’ve been using for several years now. So unless you have this copy opened and accessed through a PC to find the South Park contents, there’s really no telling that this is in fact the recalled version.

Meanwhile, you can buy a used copy (if you’re interested) on  and hope that you get the recalled version.



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