Psy-Q SNES SDK (Software Development Kit) incl. Manual, Hardware & Software

This is an official Super Nintendo Software Development Kit developed by the former British game developer Psygnosis. Commercial SNES games such as Toy-Story were developed using these tools. So this is a professional SDK and an absolute collector’s item as well. In fact, it is almost a miracle that this piece of console history still exists as the SDKs had to be sent back to Psygnosis once they were not used anymore where they were then destroyed. But luckily somehow this jewel seems to have survived. Inside the package you’ll find the following items: the metal boxed development cartridge, an SCSI cable to connect it to a computer (you’ll need an SCSI card in order to use it), the official development manual in a small folder. It contains infos on how to get started with the SDK, how to develop and debug your games using the attached tools (assembler, debugger, etc.). Also included is an official floppy disc containing the software needed to use the SDK. In case you don’t have any floppy drive anymore, I can also put a small USB drive into the package containing the same data.

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