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RDI Halcycon (Blast from the past)

1st Smart Computer?

So you’re thinking, “what is this giant black box?” This is the RDI Halcycon, known (to those who do) as the 80’s most expensive computer/console ever. With the new invent of laser disc being utilized. The big showcase for this machine was dragon’s lair. The year is 1985 and your just a child viewing the first ever laser disc game. It’s amazing and astonishing, this thing seemed as if it could do it all. Now on reality, this thing is many things. It however isn’t affordable but how much you ask? $900? $1200? No. Try $2500! This thing was expensive and that’s what killed it. It only showed two games at launch, one being the aforementioned dragon’s lair. The other however was a football game. So this thing flopped harder than a dying fish. But wait there’s more! It also doubles as the most expensive computer for the 80’s. Yes, this beast was actually a computer. What’s better is with a little luck from the lottery. One could purchase extra add-on expansions. You could hook this baby up to your house! You could actually use it’s voice recognition system to do things automatically. For instance, turn on coffee pot, TV and lights ect. So it’s no wonder it didn’t make it thanks to all that extra garbage. Four more games were supposed to release for it and never happened. So as far as I could find on the internet, only four have ever been sold commercially. Eight or so were sold privately, which implies that it was probably used as payment. Where are they now? Nobody knows and I’d bet better money that you’re going to find a leprechaun. If anybody does have one, please enlighten everyone about this odd system. Also it was marketed as a video game console, can’t figure why but there you go. So good luck if you want one for any strange reason.

Written by rightwing_nut

I was born and raised with games, from Nintendo to the Sega master system. I've grown to the point in my life where I'm just able to really appreciate old vintage games. No matter the graphics, the story and game play is what matters to me. I'd love to one day still own my collection so anyone could have a chance to see where gaming found it's roots. Atari helped shape the gaming world but Nintendo and Sega helped grow it. I find the 80's and 90's to be one of the most 'interesting' times in gaming. The current generation is simply suffering in comparison to the older generation. Why? Because there's too many making the meal so to speak. We went from gamers in a basement to tall buildings with hundreds. There is still games to find but I find them somewhat lacking. My word is my opinion and I break none of them for anyone. We can still find what's good in life, it's what's bad that's remembered.


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