That voice thats present in the beginning of nearly every game is hard to duplicate in text, as shown by my title. I apologize, but use your imagination.
I just realized that the trailer for the new Resident Evil: Extinction movie was released with the premier of Ghost Rider. It looks amazing.

Granted, you should take that with a grain of salt. The truth is, I’m the ultimate Resident Evil fanboy. Ask me about RE: Survivor and I’ll swear that it’s a great game. I just can’t help but be biased towards anything based on the franchise. Add that to my love of post apocalyptic scenarios and zombies in general, and you have a winning combination.

Movie almost looks like RE meets Mad Max, due to the abandoned wasteland environment. Check the photo, it’s Alice with twin Machetes Gurkhas. You know that has to be awesome! The nearest theater to me is five hours away, but I’ll be there with bells on at the premier. I only wish I was hardcore enough to go in cosplay.

Anyways, where are the auctions you ask?

Resident Evil is a unique series because of the mass amount of licensed crap you can find. From stamp sets, replica T-Virus vials, action figures and more.

They even have ridiculously overpriced, but cool nonetheless, mini gun replicas for Resident Evil 4. Seriously, I wish I lived in Hong Kong so I could get all this stuff for super cheap.

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