Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 Demo Found

This was one of the final twelve or so existing items that Jason of Game Rave needs to finish off his Playstation collection. To those not familiar with his work, he is an absolute sucker for punishment, working on a complete US PS1 collection including all variants and demos.

gameSniped would like to say congats on another entry down!

The game itself is basically a Twisted Metal clone, even using the Twisted Metal Engine. The story involves the player as an automercenary, hijacking tourists in the various vacation spots of the future and showing them the sights. Money can be obtained by destroying various scenery in the levels, which can then spent on upgrades for health and weaponry.

Since the game was commercially released, the demo isn`t that exciting in truth. However, it`s obviously quite rare considering it has taken him this long to track it down

If you`re interested, check out the entry on his site here.


Want to pick up a copy of the retail release?

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