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SNES Prototype Boards & NES Immortal Prototype

From the auction:

This auction is for a lot of 7 official Nintendo game development cartridges (EPROM Cards ) / prototype PCBs for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform. These cards were rescued from the remnants of a now defunct Southern California game developer (Interplay, Inc.). Presumably used for game development, programming, and/or testing games on the SNES Platform. They may be of interest to vintage video game collectors, emulation enthusiasts, or anyone interested in modding/authoring their own SNES ROM images.

Seven total EPROM boards included:

(1) P/N SHVC-8PV5B-01 8MB EPROM cartridge (4×8/4mbit and 4x4mbit eproms and sram, discrete logic decoder, lo/hirom)
(3) P/N SHVC-4PV5B-01 4MB EPROM cartridge (4x4mbit eproms and sram, discrete logic decoder, lo/hirom).
(2) P/N SHVC-2P3B-01 EPROM cartridge (2x4mbit eproms and sram, discrete logic decoder, lorom)
(1) P/N SHVC-2Q5B-03 EPROM cartridge

Each EPROM Cartridge is a PCB fitted with an SNES cartridge connector. Each PCB hosts a bank of several IC sockets, some of which are populated with chips of unknown content (although many appear to be labeled with game titles). The largest of the cards (SHVC-8PV5B-01) also contains a bank of dipswitches (I do not know their function). One of the two 2P3B-01 boards has been considerably reworked, with several jumper wires and re-soldered traces on both sides of the PCB.

I’m also including 12 microchips stamped “1996 Nintendo CIC-NUS-7101 9722 E” -(I do not know their function or significance, if any).

I would be extremely surprised if someone actually managed to get something usable out of these, but they`re still a cool item none the less.

Auction Here

Another seller also has a EA NES Immportal Prototype. $200 is a bit high for a starting bid, and while the game does appear to have differences from the retail version, I don’t know if it will command that price. Its a nice looking proto though, very protoish.


Milon’s Secret Castle Nintendo 1988 Prototype – Priced too high to sell I think.
Diablo III Retail Press Kit – Floor Standee
Glow in the Dark Skylanders: Warnado, Zap, and Wrecking Ball – I promise Im done with Skylanders for a bit now. But the prices…
Final Fantasy VIII Moomba Mug – This is a limited Japanese item from 1999, featuring a uniquely designed handle featuring “Moomba” from Final Fantasy VIII. Illustrations of Squall & Rinoa, drawn by none other than “Tetsuya Nomura” are printed around the mug, along with his autograph.
Odyssey 2/3 prototypes Killer Bees, KC Munchkin, Pick Axe Pete, Freedom Fighters
Sega Genesis Vintage 1990 College Tournament T-Shirt


Sega Channel Demo Cartridge


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