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Sealed Wasteland PC Game

Wasteland is a 1988 PC game often considered the inspiration for the Fallout series.

The game is set in 2087, following a nuclear war during 1998, when Earth has been turned into a “wasteland” where survival is the paramount objective.

The player controls a party of Desert Rangers, a remnant of the U.S. Army based in the Southwestern United States. The party begins with four characters, and through the course of the game can hold as many as seven. The party is assigned to investigate a series of disturbances in the nearby areas and throughout the game, the player explores the remaining enclaves of human civilization, including a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

These days it often makes peoples list of the best all time PC games. Throwing around statements like “one of the best RPGs to ever grace the PC” and “a truly innovative RPG for its time.”.

There is actually a sequel in development scheduled to ship in 2013.

Anyways, one seller currently has a sealed copy of the original up for sale.

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