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Sealed Black Label Final Fantasy 7

This post started off as a comment about about the popularity sealed game collecting seems to be gaining. Whether or not this can be contributed to the VGA, it’s hard to argue that the controversy sparked by grading definitely brought a lot of attention to this specific aspect of our hobby.

Anyway, I was looking at a bunch of sealed auctions and I ran across this little gem.

A sealed Playstation 1 Final Fantasy 7 Black Label for a $275.00 BIN. Now, this looks legit to me, but I have no experience with PS1 sealed games and probably couldn’t spot a reseal from a mile away. There’s a little puffing on the left side shrink that looks a bit odd, and might be a indicator. Hopefully someone will weigh in on via the comments. 

sealed final fantasy 7 black labelIf this is legit though, it’s quite a steal. This guy has recently sold for prices ranging from $360.00 all the way up to $510.00.

Great opportunity to add a game cheaply to your collection, or to flip it for some very nice profit.


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