Super Mario Bros. Chucks

Did you know that 7% of the world’s population wear Converse shoes? It’s no wonder Converse is still making Chuck Taylor kicks and they have since 1923!

Anyways, the reason why I brought this up today is that Mario is getting his own version of the Chuck. In Japan, they are still celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mario so this is just another addition to the many they’ve released so far. Its dubbed the ‘Super Mario All Stars’ edition and it’s just too bad that it’s only available in Japan. There are no plans as of yet to release this elsewhere. I would love to own both pairs actually but finding an importer for this sort of thing is probably difficult. Maybe NCSX online will carry them one day.

British designer Ben Sherman did a similar take on Pac-Man back in 2008. These things are very hard to find now. I can only imagine how much these things would go for once it hits ebay..

via Joystiq

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