Super Rare – Super Cheap

If I continue posting at this rate, we’re going to have quite the little achieve in a month or so.

Here we have a bunch of really rare stuff, especially the last two. Surprisingly, they have almost no bids. I have a sneaky little hunch however, that these have quite a few watchers who’ll be waiting until the last moment to snipe.
First off is a Super Nintendo Test Station

While not exactly one of a kind, it’s not what I would call an easy to find item. The seller also has another SNES NTF 2.5 Test Cart, as well as a N64 Test Cart.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, something that can be the cornerstone of an entire collection, than these two items are right up your alley.

MACS – Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator Carts and the MACS Combat SIM M16 Light Gun.

I’m not sure why the seller listed each item separately, possibly hoping to make more money. I don’t think it will work that way however, because some people would only want one item, if there guaranteed the other. It’ll definitely make last minute bidding hard.

What the heck is this you ask?

Apparently there it was a rifle shooting/marksmanship simulator used in US army boot camps. It was mentioned briefly in an issue of Nintendo Power at one point, but other information is hard to come by. This page at the GamersGraveyard does have what informations is available, along with a few screen shots taken from a ROM dump.

This is definitely something you’ll only get one or two shots at owning in your life. Not only are there probably very few in existence, but because of its Military origin, the chances of it being in the hands of someone who can sell it is even less.

If you want it, bid hard.


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