The Rarest and Most Expensive Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

The Super Nintendo is a system with a lot of expensive games. However, a significant portion of these are due to popularity and demand as opposed to actual rarity. It’s somewhat of a blessing and a curse to ““““““““
pick up actual rare games (R6-R7) for the same price. As for selling, the truth is that for the most part, you’ll get more money for the really in demand stuff than you will for your rares.

Rare Boxes & Manuals

As with any system, you eventually come across a handful of games that are (relatively) easy to find, but are extremely difficult to find either a box or manual for. Several of these are listed below. The majority of the games themselves are R6-R8, meaning that you can find a copy relatively easy enough. Finding the box or manual for them however, will require quite a effort. Pricing on these is hard to nail down. Depending on the game, condition and finding the right buyer, you could be talking anywhere from $50-$100+ for the box alone. That said, SNES is very much a buyers market. It’s possible to grab complete copies of the games below for $15.00 if they go under the radar and are listed at auction instead of BINS.

3 Ninja Kick Back (Possibly the hardest on this list)
Ren & Stimpy Buckeroo
Ren & Stimpy Firedogs
Sonic Blast Man 2
Super Bomberman Party pack
Super Turrican 2
Swat Kats
Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
Zombie Ate My Neighbors (Alternate Box Art See Here)

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