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This Rare Metroid Samus Gravity Suit Statue is One of 250 Ever Made!

Link here! My friend Stephen sent me a listing yesterday afternoon for a super rare Metroid Samus Gravity Suit statue from First 4 Figures. As stated in the title, this statue is only one of the 250 ever made making this listing (as usual on this site) pretty uncommon!

Metroid Samus

The Gravity Suit variant is the only one on ebay at the moment. I haven’t seen a single Gravity Suit sell this year (though I have seen a handful of Varia and Phazon Suits sell between $400 to $600). Zero Suit Samus variants seem to sell much cheaper around the $100 – $200 range. In general, these First 4 Figures Metroid Samus statues tend to be very limited printings, highly sought after, and valuable.

This listing appears to be in excellent condition and is complete (which is even more rare among these statues. It includes the original box, packaging styrofoam, and an ID card proving authenticity.  It is #69 in its production run.

You can check out the original site’s product page here or bid on the item here. Check out these additional listings for Samus First 4 statues:

You can also check out any other First 4 Samus statues here. But, don’t forget to check out Stephen’s listing! The collection includes all of the original packaging and is in pristine condition! For what it is, the listing is priced accordingly.


I also ran a across this Sealed, (still) brand new/factory sealed SNES copy of Mario’s Early Years Fun with Numbers. These games are a dime a dozen. However, Factory fresh copies are incredibly rare! Check it out here.

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