TRUE TRASH Part 1 – Forest & Pepsiman (aka PEPSIMAAAAAN)

I’m in love with trash. I want to say thank you. Thanks to all the programmers, designers, producers, artists…that made all those trashy games!

That’s why I’ve decided to offer you some of my favourite masterpieces of all times.
Instead of writing down a list, I’ll let eBay decide what to feature. And today I’ve found two great titles, from two very different times in history.


Let me present you an unbelieveable Atari 2600 title. The name is Forest.

How does it work. You’re the woodman.
You have to cut a big tree, avoiding wild pigs with different sizes and speeds.
A bird flies on the top of the screen.
If you get caught by his poo, just like in real life, you freeze in the middle of the air.

On the background a small house.
After 2 screens you reach the tree (a brown line in the middle of the screen).
Here the bird’s poo iss almost of the same color of the background, so you’ll get stuck in the middle of the air.
Suddenly a snake appears and you die.
If you don’t, you cut the tree and nothing happen.
It starts again.

The awful great music fills the tiny areas of your mind still free from asking your hands why you’re playing with that (masterpiece).


Next one is from the 32-bit era. And it’s not a 3DO lasergame.

And it’s quite funny to play!

And it’s Japan only.

Here you have PEPSIMANÂ for PlayStation!

I’ve finished this game during the Videogiocando event, here in Italy. There’s even a low quality video that shows my last run…(don’t care about checkin it)
Just think about a nightmare where everyone in the world has gone crazy and wants just 2 things: to kill a man disguised as Dural without a face and drink Pepsi.
Now you’re that weird man. And you run, you run.
Because everything you do, you make something potentially lethal run against you.
But people needs you, you bring Pepsi to their life!
And you have cutscenes, with a fat man drinking tons of Pepsi cans, screaming at you (until he burps).
And everything is Pepsi branded. Houses, walls, people, trucks, the world.

And you run just like someone with the Forest’s tree stuck in the a**.

And there is just one sound. One music. Just one.

That screams


Since the last level is quite hard and frustrating, you’ll spend a lot of time trying and trying, always washing your brain with the “PEPSIMAAAAAAN” scream.
I can’t drink Coke anymore.

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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