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Vectrex Vectorcade Controller

From what I understand the Vectorcade was a high-quality arcade style, Digital Joystick (not analog) produced back in 2002. The custom controller apparently works extremely well and also looks amazing.

No more than fifty of these were made, and each one was custom crafted to certain specifications. Each Vectorcade has serial #00-50, the owner’s name, the color combination name, product name, completion date, and the creator’s signature on a custom plate. The controls and physical characteristics of each unit are the same (except from the color combinations which you could choose), with the exception of the joystick location which could be special ordered on the right side instead of the left.

They originally retailed for $120.00 and have become somewhat of a holy grail amongst Vectrex collectors.

For more details check out the original product page.

vectorcade vectrex controller vectorcade vectrex controller plate

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