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Vintage Nintendo Mario Pepsi Cans

These cans are from a Netherlands promotion in 1993 and don’t turn up very often. A seller has both a Headphone Mario and Running Mario. can up at the moment. Very cheap too.

Since we’re discussing empty video game cans:

Orangina Super Mario 250ml Can from France

Set of 4 Super Mario Nintendo Shasta Soda Cans
Japanese Mario Pepsi Tops Full Set Or Cheaper Set Minus One
Unopened Mountain Dew Halo 3 Game Fuel Can
Mega Man / Rockman Energy E Tank Drink Can (Empty)
Final Fantasy XIII Elixir Potion Complete Set Of 16 cans
Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion Cans Grapefruit Full Set
Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion Cans Muscat Grape (?!?!?!) Full Set

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