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What the?! The Intro

I don’t know how often I will feel like doing this, but I’d like to create a little dedication to the ‘What the?!’ auctions of the video game collecting world that I see but cannot quite comprehend. I’ll be sure to do my best in verifying that the auctions are actually sold and not some odd shill bid war where the item was never paid for. Let me know what you think about the idea, if you think it’s appropriate to be posted on Gamesniped and if you are able to keep an open mind that different people collect different things for different reasons and enjoy spending money in ways some may disagree with. I’m not doing this to bash buyers, just to give a bit of a ‘wow, can you believe this went for this much?! Who would’ve thought!’ notion to the aspect of collecting.
Sometimes two people get into a frenzy over seeing a cool item they feel they must have, sometimes people push their max bids well past the threshold of sanity in an effort to ensure they will (in their minds) without a doubt be the victor. Ebay can be a tense place for bidders and oftentimes missing out on some cool items can make a person desperate to just be able to win something they want!

So without further ado…
I was randomly searching through some auctions on ebay when I came across a few video game related promotional pins that looked to be from a former Wal-Mart employee. I was going to post them to the site as I had never seen the majority before, but when I came across them there was only around an hour or so left so I decided not to.  As cool as I thought they were, they were only pins, so how desirable could they possible be? There were 4 pins for sale and prices were quite normal until the last few moments…see if you can spot the not:

Space Station Silicon Valley Pin
Zelda OoT Pin
X-Men 2 Pin
Super Metroid Pin

all I can say is…what the?! Â Prices of SNES era Metroid memorabilia have been going through the roof lately, likely due to the fact of Metroid’s rising popularity as a franchise and the lack of merchandise from Samus’ early days on the NES and SNES. Â If you look at a franchise such as the Zelda series, while there are obviously many more collectors around, there is definitely a lot more merchandise and displays that are available to choose from. Â So scour your drawers (…I mean cabinet and dresser drawers ya sickos :-p ) and see if you have any old Metroid merch laying around. Â While there’s obviously no guarantee that it would bring you anywhere near the $100 this pin went for, you never know; you could be in for quite the surprise!


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