Window Shopping Nintendo World

I was downtown today and thought I should stop at Nintendo World. I thought maybe they had something special for the big announcement next week at E3 ’11 – but there were really nothing but just a few flyers and some of the Nintendo World employees were wearing shirts that says don’t miss the event. Anyways, enjoy the pictures and don’t miss the big announcement.. Nintendo’s nice enough to telecast the entire event at their website.

Downstairs almost in front of the stairs, you’re greeted by Pikachu, the same exact statue Link posted on this auction.

They had the Mario Kart Wii K’Nex on display but none of the sets were available to buy. I asked one of the employees and apparently they were all sold out of them. They got them last week I was told. I took a picture of it with my iPhone included in the picture just to show the scale of the sets.

More Mario Kart K’Nex. The window above the stairs had a really huge set on display. My son drooled the entire time we were there. These things will be a big hit this summer..

The displays were filled with a lot of Mario Kart related merchandise dating back to the Nintendo 64 era. Those stickers and dice sets were actually from the Mario Kart Wii event from a few years ago.

It’s nice to see the GameBoy Light on display. It’s actually the first time i’ve ever seen it anywhere. A lot of the Club Nintendo U.S. freebies were also on display including last year’s prize (now worth around $99), and the hat (worth around $30-$35, they were going up in value up until recently). They actually don’t even carry the Super Mario Bros. DS case anymore but I keep seeing them everytime I go there.

Downstairs in the back of the registers were these customized Nintendo DS Lites for sale for $230 each. They come in purple, blue and pink. I asked them who did the design and they had no idea (typical). They’re called [d]esign and they’re basically spray painted (some were not really done well). But maybe these could be future collectibles.


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