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World of Warcraft Signed Collectors Edition

Note: This is a repost from yesterday. The original post was deleted by accident.

Long time readers know that I’ve mentioned the WOW CE several times previously. Essentially, it’s a deluxe edition of the game that retailed for roughly $80.00 and came with the following:

– Large, hard-sided slip-out box with fitted fuzzy holder for all the contents.
– The full game on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.
– “Behind the Scenes” DVD with the game’s cut-scenes, 3D concept art, drawings, screen shots, and audio tracks of Blizzard employees discussing in-depth the various elements of the game.
– 280-page hardcover coffee table book, The Art of World of Warcraft.
World of Warcraft Soundtrack CD.
– Cloth gameworld map with metal clasp.
– Exclusive in-game pet for every character. Choice of Zergling, Panda Cub, or Mini Diablo.
– 10-days free for a friend (via voucher with special CD-key).
– The game manual.
– Blizzard Store pamphlet!

    The exclusive pets there are what you should taken notice of, as I’m fairly certain that’s what is driving the price on these. Sealed copies fetch anywhere from $1,200.00 to $1,800.00 and even used copies without the cd key can sell for over $200.00.

    Currently, there’s a copy on eBay in unused but opened condition – it’s also signed by a ton of Blizzard staff. I’d like some more details on the autographs and the origin personally (If I would actually consider buying it), but maybe that’s just me.



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