Bungie Bag o’ Swag

Last month as part of their 20th anniversary, Bungie offered up a “Bag o’ Swag” at thirty bucks a pop with all profits going to charity via the Bungie Foundation.

As people tend to do over mystery bags, there was a huge demand. When the bags originally went on sale on the 23rd, roughly 350 bags were sold in about an hour. Later they put up another 427, which saw people mashing their F5 buttons until they eventually DDOS’d Amazon.

Apparently there is a lot of whining on the forums by people who never managed to get one and are disappointed in how they were sold.

Not surprisingly, several people are flipping theirs on eBay. There are no completed auctions yet, but several active ones are shown below.

[phpbay]bungie swag bag, 10, “”, “”[/phpbay]

Here’s an unboxing video as well. What they received is par for the course. T-shirts, posters, action figures, games, etc. Basically, to me it looks like Bungie saw this as a way to rid their warehouse of tons of old crap and raise some money for charity. Hence the copies of Graphic Novels in foreign languages, copies of Halo 1 PC and absolutely destroyed posters.


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