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NSTC NES Stadium Events & More Rare Nintendo Games

Stadium Events? Yup. This game was pulled from store shelves, making it without a doubt, the hardest to find licensed, released, game available on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

For more info on the game, read this post I wrote several years ago. The game is worth around $2,000 or so and one just sold this past week privately through a forum with manual for $4,000.

Aution Here


Sealed M.U.S.C.L.E.
Miracle Piano Mac Conversion Kit Complete In Box
Complete Action 52

Recent NES Sales

Complete Donkey Kong Jr.Math – $349.99
Sealed Caltron 6 in 1 – $300.00
Complete PAL FR Megaman 5 – $235.00
Complete Wacky Races – $150.00
Complete Zombie Nation – $149.99
Loose Bubble Bobble Part 2 – $139.91
Panic Resturant w/ Manual – $115.00


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