Christmas Contest Finale

Winning the Christmas Contest Day 7 was extremely easy. There was only something like twenty entries total, and the winner is sneakyduck who gets his choice of a NES/SNES Wii Retroport from Retro Zone.

Also, contest five and six close on Monday. Day six has a couple of entries, but day five has like three. Right now your chances of willing either are very good. I’ll be sending emails out to the confirmed entries tomorrow as well.

The grand finale is coming up soon as well. What is it? Well, it’s very similar to last years where you had to find and then submit a gameSniped worthy auction. This years should be very similar.

We had some great auctions in the finals lat year. A N64 game which constituted the first official sighting of the title, GTA III signed by Jack Thompson, Rare N64 Controller, a hideous Mario clay sculpture,

There was a bit of a controversy with a user created auction last time around, so the rules will be a bit clearer this time around. Once again though, we’ll have several prize packs filled with a TON of stuff.

Stay tuned!

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