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eBay, despite being our bread and butter here at gameSniped, hasn’t been kind to gamers lately. With continuous fee increases, maximum shipping rates, horribly skewed search results, emphasis on DSR ratings and other small inconveniences, it’s getting harder to sell.

In fact, I’ve completely abandoned my eBay store where I once used to have 1000+ listings active at any time. My issue was the DSR ratings. Being Canadian (and in a rural location at that), my parcels take a normal two week minimum to reach most US locations. Despite mentioning that in the auction and every email I send, I still get people who comment about it and leave DSR ratings that reflect it. As many people don’t know, slipping below 4.0 can have your listing privileges removed or restricted. It won’t even matter if you have a 100% feedback and long selling history with large volume, they’ll ding you anyways. Add in eBay fee increases and it’s become plain easier for me to look at selling things elsewhere

eBay has become too costly, too complicated and too friendly to just the big guys. They’ve forgotten the simple auction model is what made them so big in the first place. Selling video games there is just not as profitable as it once was.

Chase The Chuckwagon is a site that hopes to change this for gamers. It’s an auction site that that offers a low-cost price structure (no auction insertion fees) and free seller auction promotional tools, which can allow you to make more money selling your games.

The site launched in March 2008 and has quickly grown to over 1,450 members, has hosted over 41,000 auctions and has sold over $49,000 in merchandise. Ton of great items show up there, like the NES Proto and Test Carts we featured earlier this week. I’ve heard people give the site flack for the ending price of common items, but these are definatley rising as the site grows.

The owner is offering up several Lifetime Seller Memberships, which entitle you to run free auctions forever on the site. That means no listing fees, no selling fees, no reserve auction or Buy Now format fees. Listing Enhancements like homepage featured items, category featured items, bold titles and highlighted listings are not included in this membership and will still be charged for if you choose to use them.

For buyers right now, the site offers some great deals. Less fees means lower prices from sellers. No longer do they need boost their prices by a few bucks just to cover their expenes. This mean that you can definately pick up things for less than the going eBay rate.

Higher income for sellers, less expenses for buyers. It’s a win -win win situation.

Check out newest listings today!

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