Deus Ex: Human Revolution Clothing Line

At this point, I think Square-Enix is trying just about anything to make money. Losing money as a company is obviously not a good thing. It’ll make them do some drastic changes from within like major cut backs, etc.. But luckily, Squeeeeenix isn’t giving up and trying on new things like a whole line of clothing for their new game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

A clothing line isn’t really much a surprise I suppose. We’ve seen third party companies cash in on the franchises gamers love the most like Mario, Zelda, Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. Very rarely though do the publishers offer their own line. Most of the time when they do make clothing, it’s either worn at trade shows for their employees or offered as a promotional item like we’ve seen here posted on gameSniped many many times.

Square-Enix made a store on their website specifically for this clothing line (they are offered in the U.S. and in Europe). The line includes some pretty fancy graphic t-shirts ranging from $24 to $29 for a long sleeve shirt. They also offer a $169 trench coat (kinda looks cool) and pair of jeans for $69. Seriously though, these clothes looked like something you can buy from Armani Exchange or Banana Republic. Right now, you’re only able to pre-order all of these. The game itself was reviewed pretty well so I’m guessing this will be a successful line for them and could potentially open a door to other clothing line.

Link to product page

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