Lian Li PC-XB01 Replacement Case for Xbox 360

Modding is on full force these days. What started out on PC cases back in the day, modders have been customizing consoles as well. Thanks to DIY websites, the popularity of Ben Heck’s awesome creations, videos on YouTube and other various media related sites, customizing the home game console has never been easier.

The RRoD is something almost every owner of the original 360 box can look forward to whether they like it or not. Failure rate for the Xbox 360 have reached 54.2% back in 2009 – that’s just nuts! But back in 2008, that number was still substantially low (some experts claimed it was around 16%). That number was good enough for Taiwan based pc case manufacturer Lian Li to offer an alternative solution to the epidemic.

Lian Li released the PC-XB01 replacement case/chassis to an eager crowed of gamers who’s looking for a way to increase the life of their soon-to-be-dead Xbox 360. While 360 obviously has had many design flaws internally, the PC-XB01 unfortunately has had it’s share of it’s own as well (one of the mail issues I believe is that you obviously would have to break your manufacturer’s warranty when you gut your 360) It wasn’t very long until Lian Li called it quits soon after. This sleek looking case can now only be had through eBay if you’re lucky. Since there are no sale figures to compare it to, it’s hard to tell how much it’ll go for. But so far, the price went above it’s original retail price of $168. One of the cool features of the case is the ability to add the HDDVD drive. But it’s a hefty price to pay for something you rarely would use nowadays.

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