Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition VGA (is this an early April Fools joke?)

I was gonna wait til Monday to post this but what the hell – have a good laugh.

Another day, another great example of a failed VGA listing. Let’s face it, we all like money. Sure, I wouldn’t mind paying $50,000 for a video game if it’s really that rare and if its really sought after. But claiming something that isn’t so is just plain ridiculous and just down right stupid.

I’m going to say this just for the sake of my fellow collectors out there: please do not be fooled by VGA listings over 2 or 3 times its real value. VGA primarily exist just to prove a point, YES you do have a legitimately sealed game. Games should get a little more value when they’ve received a VGA rating – but it shouldn’t increase the value by $47,000. I’ve sold things in the past that are quite higher than what you and I would call it’s “true value”. I’m a firm believer that when you have something special in your hand and you don’t want to let it go for a certain amount, feel free to price it your own.

Why do greedy con artist sellers feel like when a game is graded, it automatically turns it to gold? VGA must have a Midas touch of some sort… If this is the case, I should send my some-3,000 sealed games to VGA, have it graded, and call it a day. I have nothing against VGA by the way. I just don’t see how the value would go up 3-4x or even upto tens and thousands of dollars.

Link to listing


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