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Retro Horror Video Game Merchandise For Halloween 2015

Joe here. I’m back with a collection of great retro horror video game merchandise for those of you looking to get your horror fix! Also check out this list of horror video games, both past and present. Happy Halloween!

Horror Video Games
Source: Wikipedia

Retro Horror Video Games:

Haunted House (Atari)

Halloween (Atari)

The Rocky Horror Show (C64)

Sweet Home (NES)

Uninvited (NES)

Doom (SNES)

Night Trap (Sega CD)

Splatterhouse (PC)

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Gamecube) 

Clock Tower (PS1)

Clock Tower II (PS1)

Sanitarium (PC)

Resident Evil (PS1)

Silent Hill (PS1)

Silent Hill HD Collection 1 & 2 (PS3)

Fatal Frame (PS2)


Video Game Merchandise:

Sweet Home NES Box Art Poster

Sweet Tooth Killer Clown Mask – Pictured auction is selling for $150 which is WAY overpriced. These typically sell for $20 – $50.

Bioshock Little Sister Replica Syringe – Good stuff! This is pretty rare.

Resident Evil Deluxe “Licker” Mask

Alien Isolation T Shirt

Bloodborne Limited Edition Lithograph

Five Nights at Freddy’s Poster

Amnesia: Dark Descent Cosplay Costumes

Amnesia: Dark Descent Brute Statue Sculpture – Hand crafted, one of a kind bust.

Dead Space Prop Costume Helmet

The Last of Us Backpack – Official collector’s item from Naughty Dog. Very rare stuff. Only two listings on Ebay at the moment!

The Evil Within Necklace Medallion

Silent Hill Messenger Bag

Silent Hill Pyramid Head Foam Halloween Mask

Sanitarium PC Game Promo Poster – This 10 x 15 Pinup is quite rare! Price is reasonable at $10!

Left 4 Dead Boomer 7″ Figure – Boomers run a tad bit more expensive than the other action figures typically selling between $30 – $60.


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