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Mario Kirby Meisaku VHS Video

This may be the worst gaming related video I have ever seen (Uwe Bowle flicks aside).

It`s an educational video starring Mario and Kirby in their own separate adventures, aimed at teaching Japanese children kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing alongside the two syllabic kana scripts, which are learned by children first, before the kanji). Copies of the tape are apparenlty semi rare and not a whole lot is known about it. However, it was released in 1995 and narrated by Mayumi Tanaka, who also voices the characters.

The Mario segment shows that the treasure of a certain school has been pilfered by the “mysterious thief W”. Peach soon informs Mario of this tragedy, and he responds by searching out this mysterious thief (who is soon identified as Wario). Mario, becoming Rabbit Mario from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, then tracks down and beats Wario, recovering the treasure.

The Kirby segment shows Kirby finding a lost puppy whose mom has disappeared. Kirby soon concludes that the mother is in the castle of his rival, King Dedede, and sets off to find the dog’s parent.

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