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Rarest and Most Expensive SNES Games Circa 2015

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Hey guys. If you recall, we ran a post on the most expensive SNES games a few years ago. These included not just the game cartridges themselves but also the manual, box, or even a CIB sale. I thought it may be interesting and worthwhile to go back through and check the prices in a sort of “where are they now” type post. As I stated in the past (wow has 5 years really passed since then?!), some of these games skyrocket in price due to a rabid fan base (as opposed to some genuine rarity).

The Most Expensive SNES Games in 2015

As I said back in 2010, the SNES collectors’ market is still a buyers market. Prices are still relatively low for most carts. And, certain CIB sales go for reasonable prices. However, we’re not interested in the bargains today.

  • 3 Ninjas Kick Back – Remember how I said the cart for this game is easy to find but the manual/box is incredibly rare (read: expensive)? Well, now the cart alone is expensive as all get out. Expect to typically pay close to $100 for a working cart. If you find one at a yard sale or on the ‘Bay under $50, snatch it up right away!
  • Incantation – This is another surprise. Just last month the carts alone were selling around the $75 mark. CIB auctions are listed in the thousands. Boxes are selling lower than the actual game.
  • Oscar – The prices here are a bit more down to earth. Expect to pay $100 to $200 for CIB. Don’t overpay though! This one is known for being rare but affordable.
  • Ren and Stimpy Firedogs – Another bargain classic. Super rare but not expensive. If you’re patient, you should be able to find a CIB under $100.
  • Sonic Blast Man 2 – Prices are starting to climb like Incantation. Pick up a working copy under $50 while you can! It’s pretty rare too. Only 9 entries on the ‘Bay at the moment.
  • Super Bomberman Party pack – Incredibly rare. High priced. You’re going to be well over $100 for CIB. Expect to pay a similar amount for the cart.
  • Super Turrican 2 – Prices are climbing steadily. I saw a BIN box only sell for $99.99. Even replacement reproduction labels for the cart are priced high. This one is going to increase in price. If you can pick up a bargain at $100, do so. Only 22 sold in the US in the past two months!
  • Syndicate – US NTSC version is rare and expensive. Japanese version is rare and cheap. Seriously, guys. You can nab PAL CIB for less than $10! That’s a bargain!
  • Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel – Zero’s price is starting to catch up with it rarity. Prices are climbing. There’s a sealed copy of the game selling for close to $2000! This one will be expensive or unavailable a few years from now.
  • Earthbound – We had to do it. This is the renowned game that has come to symbolize how expensive SNES is. If you’re willing to settle for a cart only, you can score a copy under $100. And, the game is NOT RARE at all. As was the case in 2010, Earthbound is expensive because of its fan base. CIB auctions are all over the place. Dig deep if you must have the box and manual.


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