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   Over the years I have seen some crazy/downright ludicrous things on ebay in the realm of video gaming. One such listing I’ve always gotten a kick out of is similar to this listing of MegaMan X3 in a Super Mario RPG case. I’ve seen a number of sellers tout these as crazy production errors or some crazy variant; while if you take five seconds to look at a video game cart, it’s quite easy to figure out the boards could be easily switched out with the proper game bit. Even with documented production errors like the Upside-Down Captain Comic label, it’s not unreasonable to fathom that you could fake something like this with another game. If I was in the realm of collecting production errors, I would want something that really stood out as an oddity.

   Enter this copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for the Playstation. Sure it looks nice on the outside…THPS is a popular franchise and has really gotten the whole skateboarder fad to an almost fevered pitch these days with the kiddies. But what lies within is something much more menacing…something that lies in deep dark damp places. How would you have felt if you went to pop this disc in with high hopes of ollies, grinding and airwalks only to find this! I can only imagine some poor kid would be traumatized for life after something like that. I really wonder if this came was originally purchased as THPS2 or Action Bass, but I suppose at this point we’ll likely never know.


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