Pica Pic lets you play Game & Watch games

Most of my childhood days in the 1980’s consisted of arcade games, and the Game & Watch. If you didn’t have enough quarters left, then too bad but hey, you still have your trusty Game & Watch with you. A few other times with the Casio Watch Games (i’ll feature these one day when I get to it..) but only when we’re with our rich friends that could afford them. We don’t often feature the G&W here at gS, you know their value and you know they’re rare. But not often do people get to actually play or see these things in real life.

Lucky for you, the internet brings wonders. A website called Pica Pic lets you play a few of these rare Game & Watch games in the comfort of your own computer screen. The LCD games were big back in the 80’s and there were alot of other games in the market at that time. I’ve actually have not heard of a few of these games but thats ok, i’ll test them all out. Enjoy.


via Joystiq

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