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Arcade Weekends: Purchasing Rare Video Games from the Vintage Arcade Superstore

Uhhhh. I’ve had one of those weeks that just never seems to end. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Thankfully, we’ve almost reached the weekend (or as I like to call it: that time of the week when I play Contra on the NES for 48 hours straight). When I have a stressful week, I find it’s relaxing and helpful to veg out with some rare video games. In particular, I really enjoy arcade games. I mean, hey, there’s a reason we run these Arcade Weekends posts.

On a whim, I recently ran across a premium (read expensive and high quality) website that focuses on arcade unit sales and restoration. The site is called the Vintage Arcade Superstore. These guys really are pros who know their stuff. Unfortunately, that professionalism has a tendency to increase prices a bit too much for us bargain hunters. I squirmed a bit looking through their prices. So, what do you guys think about it? Have you used the site before? And what do you think about their prices on the list? Personally, I think I’ll take my chances trolling around on eBay trying to snatch up a diamond in the rough. But, I suppose if you have the means for this premium service and don’t mind paying a bit more for high quality, this site is the way to go.

But, enough about my competitor’s sites. Let’s check out some sweet deals on vintage arcade games from the Bay! Remember, the best way to do this is to pick these sales up locally so you don’t have to pay the outrageous shipping prices.

Rare Video Games from the Vintage Arcade SuperstoreFrom Emmaus, Pennsylvania: Dig Dug Classic machine, BIN $750, Local Pick Up only

Vintage Arcade SuperstoreFrom Ellicott City, Maryland: Vintage Original Atari Asteroids Arcade, Bit pricey for my blood but seller says the unit is in good condition, BIN $682, Local Pick Up

Vintage Arcade GamesFrom Franklin Park, Illinois: Growl Atari Arcade fighting Game, BIN $600, Seller says condition is “okay” (read beat up) but in working order, Economy Shipping

Rare Video GamesFrom Fairview Heights, Illinois: Rastan Arcade, According to seller mint condition, BIN $695, Freight Shipping

Vintage Arcade GamesFrom Newark, Delaware: Atari Pole Position 2, In need of a new monitor/for parts, BIN $390, Local Pick Up

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